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Historic Grand Prix Zandvoort.

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Dutch GT Championship.

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Tim Biesbrouck.

Tim Biesbrouck

Tim started writing about motorsport as a young teenager. He soon won the international Bridgestone e-reporter competition, awarding his talent. He covered many international events and offered established drivers and firms his communication services. While finishing his marketing study he got 'electrified' by new technology and that resulted in contributing to various zero emission racing projects in Amsterdam and Berlin. He also founded to report about electric racing. In addition, Tim cooperates on 80 Day Race; a race event in which competitors race around the world with vehicles not running on fossil fuel or containing a combustion engine. With Race PR he continues an old passion: to successfully contribute to challenging motorsport communication projects.

Rick Langedijk.

Rick Langedijk

Rick launched a Formula 1 website already at the age of 12. He visited the race track of Zandvoort two years later and didn't miss a single event ever since. Also, he had the pleasure to visit many tracks around the world, from the Nürburgring to Macau. Rubber and gasoline are not the only things that make him tick. He goes the extra mile to satisfy customers by offering media attention and to build the largest fan base. The only races he drives himself are the ones to ensure a packed starting grid, dedicated community, full grandstands and satisfied stakeholders and sponsors. The races he did drive on track became memorable stories that he probably keeps to himself.

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